Waiting Families

Brent & Dana

We're from Kansas, We're open to visits!

Hello from Kansas! As a firefighter and teacher, and a family of 3, we are excited to grow our family through adoption! We enjoy spending time with family, traveling, and creating memories. We look forward to the opportunity of getting to know you and open to maintaining communication and updates about your child's milestones. We're open to visits!

Jayson & Brandi

We're from Washington, We're open to visits!

Hi! We are a fun-loving multicultural couple who have built a stable and loving home filled with lots of laughter! We are excited to become first-time parents to a child of any race and are looking forward to sharing our love of traveling, holidays, and being outdoors with your child.

Hai & Sarah

We're from Missouri, We're open to visits!

Hi from Missouri! We are so excited to adopt a son or daughter of any race! We celebrate individuality in our family and we believe that God has blessed everyone with their own special gift. We are also looking forward to sharing favorite bedtime stories and our first Christmas as a family of five. We are open to sharing pictures, letters, and visits with you and your family.

George & Elizabeth

We're from Illinois, We're open to visits!

Well hi there! We're George & Elizabeth, and we are SO excited to welcome a new child into our hearts and home! We look forward to dinners together, family puzzle and music nights, and filling every moment with love, laughter, and joy! We are open to sharing pictures, letters, and visits.

Trent & Kristi

We're from South Carolina, We're open to visits!

We are honored that you would take time to learn about our family. We're open to any race and are excited to expand our family!

Mike & June

We're from Texas, We're open to visits!

We are honored and privileged that you are taking your time to learn more about us. We are an active, fun-loving couple living in the beautiful state of Texas. We are excited to become first-time parents and to share our fun and laughter with your child. We are looking forward to family camping trips, hiking and playing outside. We are open to pictures, letters, and visits.

Brian & Kaitlin

We're from Oregon, We're open to visits!

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us! We are excited to adopt our first child. We hope you enjoy getting a glimpse of who we are as you browse these pages. We are open to keeping in touch through letters, photos, and visits if you would like. We are ready to provide your child with a loving home where they can grow and thrive!


I'm from Oregon, I'm open to visits!

I am a fun loving neonatal nurse practitioner who is excited to become a first-time mom through the blessing of adoption! I will share my love of faith, family traditions, opportunities to grow, while loving them and supporting their dreams throughout their life adventures. I believe that having you be a part of our family is important and will be welcomed to whatever extent you are most comfortable with.

Adam & Kristi

We're from Minnesota, We're open to visits!

We're an easy going, down to earth couple ready to start our family through adoption! We're centered on grace, God's truth, and love. We're excited about local family adventures to the park or library and evenings with Netflix, bedtime stories, and snuggles. We're honored that you would consider us as parents of your child and are looking forward to getting to know you more. We're open to pictures, letters, and visits if you are comfortable.

Casey & Leah

We're from Pennsylvania, We're open to visits!

Hi from Pennsylvania! We treasure the joy adoption brings, and have experienced its happiness firsthand. We’ve adopted two siblings and Leah was adopted from South Korea. We, as a couple, hope to share all of our love with your child. We enjoy being outdoors and traveling and are blessed with a large support group.